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How to get ride of mosquitoes

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How to get ride of mosquito as they attack inside night when the temperature has already been cold. You can hardly feel them because of the small size. They only feed once or twice a month, but right after they do, they really make sure that they are thrilled. It indicates they can bite you several times in one night. Which means that, as soon as you see
small reddish marks onto your skin that are close from the other, they also have feasted on you as their food to your night which served as their breakfast, How many lives have been ruined by mosquito bites?
Too many most would argue, the sound of a mosquito buzzing round late at night in the bedroom is enough to have most people up and about trying to track it down, while those who sleep on could wake up the next morning, their remaining holiday spoiled.

how to get rid of mosquito has become more difficult over the last decade for two major reasons. First, global warming has led to an increase in the mosquito population.

The second roadblock to eradicating the mosquito is the public's decreasing tolerance for the use of pesticides. Reduced pesticide use is a positive thing overall. The United Nations has commissioned several studies on the worldwide impact of pesticide use. Bans on the cosmetic use of pesticides are growing increasingly common all over the world as a result.

The use of pesticides to reduce the mosquito population is a complicated problem. Some pesticides have been associated with illnesses like cancer, birth defects, chronic respiratory problems and other negative health issues. Some pesticides have been proven to cause health problems in humans. Many others remain on suspect lists.

The mosquito, on the other hand, has become more than just a cosmetic nuisance. Mosquitoes have long been some of the biggest culprits in the transmission of disease. They are known to transmit illnesses such as malaria, dengue fever and Yellow fever. One of the latest problems to emerge in North American mosquitoes is the transmission of the West Nile virus.

Humans are not the only ones affected by mosquito borne illnesses. They also affect animals. Various strains of mosquito borne viruses causing equine encephalitis are becoming more common.

Mosquito borne diseases that were once all but eradicated in some countries are beginning to emerge again. This is one reason Cyprus officials began to look into alternative methods for reducing the number of mosquitoes on the holiday island. Another reason was a noticeable increase in the number of these insects. The result is a three year study on the island's mosquito population.

The study, which began in 2014, was a joint effort between local scientists and researchers from Greece and the United States. Together they tested a number of more environmentally friendly methods for targeting the elimination of mosquitoes. Some incorporated the use of pesticides which have little or no negative impact on humans and animals. Other methods saw certain types of natural mosquito predators introduced into key breeding areas.

The three year study yielded some fascinating results. Dragonflies turned out to be fairly effective killers. Other natural predators used included frogs, flies and fish.

Another test used the chemicals Methoprene and Pyriproxyfen. These products inhibit the growth of mosquito larva rather than killing the adult insects. Researchers in United States discovered that these chemicals were effective even at half the recommended dosage.

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