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how to repel mosquitoes

As much as we love the warmer months of the year, there is one thing we do not look  forward to: how to repel mosquitoes. Oh yes, these insects are not friendly at all. They carry more than one type of disease. Yes, these insubstantial insects, which float in the air about us, pick up numerous illnesses from who knows where, will leave red, itchy marks on your body.
how to repel mosquitoes

So how to repel mosquitoes

As Spring time and Summer time roll on, it is nice to have doors and windows open, but it is also vital to have screens installed for a home's doors and windows. These screens are especially necessary when it comes to opening up your home in the warmer months. Having these screens for doors and windows have been the best invention for holding Anti Mosquito outdoors.

When outside though, Mosquitoes will be zooming into you. Well, onto your skin more specifically. There are well over 300 scents that mosquitoes are drawn to and most of these odors are from human skin. For human beings to live, we need to breathe out carbon dioxide.

Well, this is one thing Mosquitoes like. Yes, as soon as anybody breathes out carbon dioxide, Mosquitoes are more likely than not, to make a b-line for your body. While eating outside, mosquitoes are going to want not just you, but your food as well.

They, like human beings, like salty foodstuffs. Foods rich in sodium are also filled with lactic acid. Another thing which attracts mosquitoes to human skin is body heat and if drinking alcohol, that too attracts these pests.

Okay, so now you are asking yourself what you can do to repel these pests. There are various methods that you can use to repel them from your skin. If you are searching for something natural to repel any and all mosquitoes, try adding more garlic to your daily diet. For some reason, garlic reduces the attractiveness of our skin.

Now, you do not have to quite eat garlic, but instead take garlic supplements, along with B complex and vitamin B1 supplements. Adjusting your daily diet, by taking a few supplements, particularly in the hot summer months, will fend off these unwanted insects.

Now, if using natural products is not the route for you, there are lots of chemical products on the market. Let's see, anyone who is not a fan of mosquitoes, can go to their local grocery store and look for such mosquito repellents as DEET, Oils and Electronic Repellents.

DEET is manufactured from such ingredients I cannot even pronounce, but is mainly sold in solid or liquid form and is extremely poisonous. If this does not sound healthy to you, there are a range of oils which can be placed on your patio table or wherever you sit outside.

Some of the more commonly used oils are botanically based like Citronella, Eucalyptus Oil and Soybean Oil. Naturally, anything botanically, is considered natural or organic and when used as recommended, will not damage the human body.

Electronic mosquito repellents have been used for a some time now. In fact, they are used in the desert, such as the Middle East, by American Soldiers. These electronic devices are manufactured with chemical pheromones to attract them and electrified wires to instantly electrocute these horrible insects.

These days, there are also mosquito repellents which you can clip onto your clothing. This sort of repellent allows the user to be free of mosquitoes for 120 hours and repels them from 15 feet away. This certainly is one amazing, personal, repellent on the market today.

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