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homemade mosquito repellent

homemade mosquito repellent
Everyone hate mosquito, during mosquito season, people will do almost anything to get relief from the bite of mosquito. Beginning with the basic fly swatter, anti-pest products have come a long way. Nowadays, a lot of gadgets have been invented to alleviate all sorts of flying insect infestations. Mosquito coils are one of the most homemade mosquito repellent.
Only high quality Anti Mosquito coils equipment can product high quality mosquito coils. QZWJ-1 8/111-A wholly automatic mosquito-repellent coil manufacture machine is the best choice to create the most durable coils for people to protect from the bite of mosquito.

  • Lemongrass Oil is extracted from the fresh, or partially dried, leaves of the Cymbopogon citratus, by steam distillation. This perennial aromatic plant grows up to three feet in height and spreads a foot wide. This plant will flourish year round where the temperature stays 45 degrees or above. It goes dormant in the winter months and is not frost hardy. It's rich in citral, an ingredient in lemon peel, so it has a pungent lemon scent, withinsect repellent properties. Lemongrass is found around the world in countries including: India, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. Lemongrass can be found in raw leaf form, capsules, powders, sprays, liquids and as an essential oil. Lemongrass essential oil is dark yellow to reddish brown in color. It has numerous benefits and is used in various ways.







Aromatherapy Benefits


Reduces cholesterol

Diminishes acne

Relieves common colds; coughs, runny nose, fever

Aids in digestion

Relieves arthritis pain

Relieves headaches

Insect repellent

Combats depression

Stimulates circulation


Soothes dry itchy scalp

Controls oily scalp conditions

Controls dry scalp conditions

Stimulates hair growth

Contains benefits of vitamin C

Aromatherapy, Medicinal, Insect Repellant, Air Freshener, Skin, Hair and Scalp Conditions

CAUTION! Lemongrass is safe to use in moderation, but should be avoided by young children, pregnant women, those with kidney or liver disease, those with glaucoma and those with sensitive skin. Essential oils contain bioactive ingredients. This means they contain natural chemicals that interact with biological systems. They're potent chemicals and should be used with care! Never use large amounts of essential oils externally, or internally. Never use them straight. They must always be diluted in carrier oil, or soap, lotion, or other buffering agent.

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