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mosquito dunks

If you do have standing water on your property breeding mosquitoes, eliminating it is the right thing to do.

Mosquito larvae control only works best when you target the breeding grounds and kill them before they reach adult stages. There are handfuls of different techniques used today to stop breeding and kill mosquito larvae. These techniques include using misting systems, calling your local city government office, using repellents and other products, mosquito dunks and more. Mosquitoes can be annoying but also dangerous.

There are various domestic products you can get in the stores to protect you and provide mosquito larvae control. The goal is to eliminate mosquitoes before they reach an adult stage and fly.

This means targeting standing water on the property and killing the larvae while they are in the water. You might have a house next door that is vacant and the swimming pool in the back yard is nasty. If standing water looks dirty and disgusting it is probably a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Some fish eat mosquito larvae and they are often the only option when large bodies of water have too many. This is a safe method for controlling mosquitoes. You can buy products on the shelves like repellents to keep mosquitoes from eating you alive but it is best to locate the areas where they are breeding. This will ensure you stop the growth.

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