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mosquito repellent wrist bands

You can't tell the time from this anti mosquito repellent band, but the hour won't seem so relevant when you're observing the wonderful world of mosquitoes. The captivating workings of nature are all around us, but it's products like this mosquito repellent wrist bands that really encourage you to stop and consider it.

Made by Mosquitno., mosquito repellent wrist bands is made from a plant-based plastic that's 100% biodegradable. Along with the customer's choice of a green or black model, he's sent a kit for the maintenance of the tiny terrarium and the care of the busy bugs that live inside. user is shipped live ants every four months, which is the life expectancy of the critters under these unusual conditions. Silicone rubber infused with 15% concentration of natural citronella oil with Non-toxic, DEET-free, waterproof to keep the mosquito repellent bracelet inhabitants healthy.

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